Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Rosen Honda Milwaukee Explains Honda Dashboard Warning Lights

Serious malfunction warnings appear in red or amber, condition alert symbols can appear in the same colors but indicate a less serious situation, and feature on/off indicators tend to illuminate in green. While not every notification falls neatly into this system–such as the Honda Warning Light Triangle–Rosen Honda Milwaukee provides you with a general key to understanding your Honda’s communication below.

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Malfunction Warning Dash Symbols

Dash symbols illuminated in red or amber signal a serious maintenance or repair issue. If your brake system, low oil pressure, charging system, supplemental restraint (airbag), check engine, TPM, high temperature, or any other of the symbols listed below illuminate, it’s very important that you bring in your Honda to our certified Honda service center.    honda brake system honda low oil pressure honda tire pressure monitoring system honda check engine honda antilock brake system honda DRL honda high temperature low temperature honda vehicle stability assist system honda electric power steer

Condition Alert Dash Symbols

There’s less at stake with condition symbols, which notify you to basic car-care ans passenger-safety reminders: low fuel, unfastened seat belts, an open door, or an open trunk, etc. While some of these symbols may be highlighted in red or amber, they’re nothing to book service for unless they stay perpetually lit despite having corrected the problem.

honda brake honda seat belt reminder honda door open honda trunk open honda low fuel honda low tire pressure

On/Off Alert Dash Symbols

On/Off symbols indicate whether a certain feature of your Honda is active or not. They don’t normally require service. Unless they never turn off, even when you’re sure a particular feature is inactive, they’re simple reminders.

honda vsa off honda cruise main on honda cruise control on honda turn signal on honda econ mode on honda exterior lights on honda high beams on honda fog lights on

Honda Dash Light Color Codes

  • Green: a feature is activated and should cause no concern.
  • Yellow: danger could be imminent. Contact us for service!
  • Red: indicates a serious malfunction or a reminder, such as a seat belt reminder or a door-ajar scenario. As a general rule of thumb: if you’re seeing red, it’s time to bring your Honda in for service.


Outliers: What Does the Honda Warning Light Triangle Mean?

Honda Warning Light Triangle

Your Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) system supports your Honda’s stability while maneuvering corners, keeping you on your trajectory without swerving or suffering miscalculations. When your Honda detects a VSA® issue, a triangle with an exclamation point can appear in an array of colors depending on the year and model of your Honda. Call us immediately for service.

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